Meet the Coaches Gymnastics Coaching for Girls and Boys

Gymnastics coaching takes patience and a caring attitude, and that’s what you find at Garland's Gymnastics. Our coaches love to teach gymnastics skills to girls and boys. They get a real sense of pride as they watch the kids learn new skills, accomplish moves they didn’t think they could do, and develop into mature young adults. Our coaches are experienced in teaching gymnastics, tumbling, and ninja skills to children ages 18 months to 18 years.

Bret Garland
Brett Garland
Owner / Gymnast / Coach

As a child, Brett participated in all kinds of sports but found he was drawn to gymnastics because of all the great moves they performed. He’s been coaching in one way or another since he was in ninth grade. He and his wife, Wendy, are the owners of Garland’s Gymnastics and are proud of the positive, uplifting environment they have created for children. Brett and the coaches he has retained care about the kids as people and it shows in everything they do. “I love it when the kids call me grandpa and I hear them referring to the coaches as their best friends. That’s when I know that what we are doing is having a positive impact on their lives.”

Kristy Pentico
Mary Virden
evening office manager
Kelen Richardson
Coach/office manager/gymnast

At age six, Kelen started recreational gymnastics. She was good at the sport and when she got older, she spent two years competing in the Junior Olympic program and four years competing in her high school’s program. After Kelen was through with competitions, she started coaching and has been doing so on and off since 2007. “I like seeing the look on a student’s face when they achieve a new skill they’ve been working hard on!”


I attended this gym from middle school until I got too old to go. I love the coaches and you can tell how much they love to make it enjoyable and a great experience for you. Brett is an amazing owner, gymnast, and coach!!

Cory Lester | Student Testimonial

Holly Schell

Holly began coaching gymnastics in 2017. She loves working with kids and finds that she’s a natural in the coaching role. “The kids are amazing and the staff at Garland’s Gymnastics is phenomenal!”

Dani Gustin
level 3 and 4 team coach

Dani began taking gymnastics when she was five years old, continuing until she was 16. She competed in high-level gymnastics with Garland’s for many years and attended nationals in 2014. Dani really enjoyed gymnastics and the confidence it brought her. She had a strong desire to continue with the sport, which is what led her into coaching. She coached for Garland’s from 2009 through 2010, returning to Garland’s in 2019 to coach again. “I love being able to pass on my love of the sport to enthusiastic kids!”

Alexis Lawrence
level 3 team coach
Amy Kerl
xcel head coach/gymnast

Amy grew up in Yakima, WA and participated in gymnastics competitions for 13 years. She’s been coaching since 2015 and loves everything about it. “I love this team of girls and coaches who have become just like family. It’s not work when you absolutely love what you do!”

Wade Hascall
Jenessa Reid

The coaches are so good with my sons, they are becoming more and more motivated to learn new moves, and have grown in leaps and bounds in confidence and gross motor control. Highly recommend :-D

Jessica Bird | Parent Testimonial

Sydney H
Sydney Hoeft
Coach/Birthday supervisor

You most often see Sydney running birthday parties and supervising open gym time. She participated in gymnastics for about four years as a child and really enjoyed it. It’s the memories of that experience that brought her to Garland’s Gymnasium. Sydney loves spending a lot of time with kids, so this is the perfect job for her! “Everyone is so friendly and it’s always a good time at Garland’s!”

Opal Koeppel

Opal started with recreational gymnastics when she was eight years old and was good enough to earn her way onto Garland’s competitive team. She performed competitively for seven years, finishing as a Level 9. Altogether, Opal did gymnastics for more than 10 years and has been coaching on and off since 2018. “I have such a love for the sport. My favorite part of coaching is being able to see that same love and appreciation grow in the kiddos I coach.”

Abby Dalton

Abby began as a recreational gymnast at Garland’s Gymnastics as a child. She continued with the sport for a number of years and began coaching in 2007. “I love watching kids grow up in the gym and seeing them develop new skills as they grow in the sport.”

Gabby Winstead

Great, supportive coaches and staff who really care about the kids

Donna Hostick | Parent Testimonial

Shahtese Gable
Robert Herrera
April Field
Kennedy Taggares
Veronica Romero
Coach/Birthday supervisor