Garland's Gymnastics Policies for Everyone's Safety

At Garland's Gymnasium, we are on a monthly fee structure, with payment due by the 20th of each month.

$50 annual registration fee or $75 for family registration when two or more children are signed up.

There is a 10% discount for siblings in class (taken off the less cost of the classes and a 10% discount for multiple classes (up to 3 per week per student).

45 min class (Preschool) – $70 (1day/wk)
60 min class (Ages 5-up) – $80 (1day/wk)
90 min class (MS/HS Tumbling) – $95 (1day/wk)

Assumption of Risk

I, the undersigned parent/guardian, do hereby authorize the staff of (5 B 1 G Enterprises, LLC) DBA Garland ‘s Gymnastics to obtain medical treatment for my child in the event that he/she may sustain an injury or illness during participation in gymnastic classes if I cannot be contacted. I hereby hold the said business and their staff harmless in this exercise of authority.

Release of Liability

I further acknowledge and understand that in participating in gymnastics there is a possibility that my child may sustain physical illness or injury (minimal, serious, or catastrophic) in connection with his/her participation. I further release (5 B 1 G Enterprises LLC) DBA Garland’s Gymnastics and their staff from any claim of personal injury or illness that my child may sustain while participating.

I further acknowledge and understand that I will be responsible for any medical bills that may be incurred on behalf of my child for physical illness or injury that he/she may sustain as a participant in a Garland’s gymnastics class.

Fees are due upon enrollment.

All families are required to pay an annual registration fee that will be good for the whole year and will be due in September. The registration fee will be prorated until September when it will be due in full.  $50 for a single child and $75 for a family (2+) *Must live at same residence and be able to claim all children as dependents.

I agree to be responsible for payment of tuition for all programs reserved for the enrollee up to the last day of the month enrolled.

I agree to pay for ALL classes reserved by me, whether utilized by enrolled or not.

I understand that there may not be make up classes in the event of a COVID closure or lost classes due to exposure to COVID.  We will try hard to accommodate everyone, but it may not be possible.

I understand that there are no refunds for registration or tuition fees paid.

I understand that tuition is payable in full before or on the 20th of the month for the following month.

I understand that if I do not pay by the 20th, my child could lose his/her place in the class of choice.

Any checks returned to Garland's Gymnastics unpaid by my bank will be subject to a $30 service fee.

If I wish to unenroll my student, I understand that I MUST let the office know BEFORE the 20th of the month that my child will not be returning. Without prior notification, I understand I will still be charged and responsible for the payment.

I agree to and understand that I must at all times, while my child is enrolled, have a working credit/debit card on my account. If I wish to pay with a different form of payment, I understand that I MUST do it before the 20th of the month or my card on file will be charged.

I understand that my child’s payment is due the 20th of every month for the following month. If I fail to notify the office before the 20th of the month that I will not be continuing for the upcoming month, I understand that my card will be charged for that month.

I understand that Garland's Gymnastics does not refund for registration fees or tuition. If I fail to notify the office about certain circumstances that would make my child unable to come to class, I understand that I forfeit my deposit or possible credit to my account.

Garland's Gymnastics does not do make-up classes. I agree to always come on the day that I am signed up for. I also understand that if I miss a class during the month that there are no make-up classes offered.