Hosted Meets Local Gymnastics Meets

Gymnastics competitions are exhilarating – for the gymnast and their family members! Mark your calendars for these upcoming local gymnastics competitions.  Competitions are open to the public.

Optional State (Levels 6 - 10)

"WA Gymnastics Stars that  Sparkle & Shine"


Adults:  $20/Session   $40/Day

Children <12 & Seniors $10/Session  $20/Day

Gymnast Entry Fee:  $115

Entries Due (without $25 late fee) March 14th

(All entries paid to "Garland's Gymnastics" sent to:

                  Garland's Gymnastics

              8710 W. Victoria Ave.

              Kennewick, WA  99336

March 25,26,27

Hapo Center 

6600 Burden Blvd. 

Pasco, WA  99301


Parents! Ask your coach what age group your daughter is in.  Please don't call us :)

Friday -

Session 1: Level 7 - JR      9:00am

Session 2: Level 7 - CH   11:30am

Session 3: Level 7 - SR      2:30pm

Session 4: Level 10            6:00pm

Saturday -

Session 5: Level 9                      8:00am

Session 6: Level 8 - JR+CH C   11:30am

Session 7: Level 8 - CH A,B+SR 3:00pm

Sunday -

Session 8: Level 6 - JR     8:00am

Session 9: Level 6 - CH   11:00am

Session 10: Level 6 - SR   2:00pm

Wine Country Classic It is with great honor that we annually host the meet in memory of Rod Ostboe

January 27,28,29 2023  Three Rivers Convention Center

Wine Country Classic is an event put on by Garland's Gymnastics in memory of Rod Ostboe. Rod passed away in 2012 at the age of 70. During his lifetime he coached many Tri-City gymnasts, including at Richland High School, producing several champions. It was Rod who opened Southeast Washington’s first private gymnastics club—Tri-City Academy of Gymnastics. He was inducted into the Washington State Gymnastics Association Hall of Fame in 1998 and the Richland High School Hall of Fame in 2008. Rod’s passion for teaching, mentoring, and inspiring has been felt by thousands, including Garland's Gymnastics owner, Brett Garland.

WINE COUNTRY 2023 SESSION TIMES- TBA Please check with your coaches if there are more than one session at the same level. All time are open warm up times and are subject to change.

January 27, 28, 29 2023 | Three Rivers Convention Center