Parents & Tots Level 1

This is a 45-minute class for children 18-36 months. It’s designed to introduce gym activities and formal instructions. Parents participate through stretching, songs, and activities helping to teach fundamental listening and learning skills along with fun gymnastics circuits.

How do you go about trying out a class? To register or tryout any of the classes listed below, simply click the register link next to the desired class you would like. (If there is no option to click "Register" or "Waitlist," please call 509-582-7450 to learn how to signup.)

Garland's Gymnastics will offer a first time no obligation class for Parents & Tots meaning if you don't like it we don't charge you for it.

Once you select a class you will be forwarded to the Jackrabbit registration page to complete the enrollment or trial enrollment.

Please note that when applying online we do ask for card information but nothing will be charged until you confirm that you want to sign up.

If the class you would like has a waitlist, please complete the registration to be put on the waitlist and our office will give you a call as soon as there is room in that class.

Toddler sliding down a slide into foam pit

Age Group of Class:

18 months - 3 years