Gymnastics Winter Camps Need something for the kiddos to do this winter break?

Our winter camps are perfect for getting exercise indoors, and also a perfect opportunity for some last-minute holiday shopping.


  • General cleaning every day

  • Weekly DEEP cleaning

  • Positive and uplifting

  • Respectful

Benefits of Gymnastics

  • Builds self-confidence

  • Creates self-discipline

  • Shapes social skills

  • Teaches respect

Winter camps run every Tuesday and Thursday of winter break from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm, and are available to kids ages 5 and up.

The cost for each three-hour camp is $40 per child

This price includes Open gym time, a snack, a fun craft, and a movie.

Click on camp dates on calendar for registration

Garland's Summer Camps

Summer Camp Programs

All camps are co-ed with a theme involved for each specific camp. Summer gymnastics camps are a great way to find out if your child(ren) likes gymnastics. Enrollment for summer camps begins on April 1.

One Day Fun Day Camps

Wednesdays from 1:00-3:00 p.m. (2hrs) | Ages 3 - 5 (preschool) &  5 - 12 | $35 per child

Drink and snacks provided

preschool girl learning handstand
Tumbling Camp

Beginner/Intermediate tumbling camp focuses on basic skills and builds on those skills as the camp progresses. 

June 22nd & July 20th

kids warming up
Backwards Camp

Learn the skills that take you backward! This camp is full of fun obstacle courses and stations that incorporate gymnastics and fun!

June 29th

Kids on trampoline
Bounce Camp

Come bounce and play with us! We are going to bounce, play and learn fun gymnastics skills. This camp is for all skill levels! 

July 6th

Little boy on obstacle course
Ninja Camp

For Ninja Camp, kids are split into groups depending on age. Different courses are set up in the gym so kids can work on age-appropriate skills and strength. These obstacle courses are loaded with fun! 

July 13th, August 3rd, & August 17th

girls in super hero pose
Super Hero Camp

Come dressed as your favorite superhero and learn how to jump and flip as they do! Super Hero Camp is gymnastics/ninja-oriented with obstacle courses that incorporate both. 

July 27th

girls making human pyramid
Gymnastics Boot camp

This is the perfect camp to gain strength and gymnastics skills at the same time. Campers will go through courses and stations to gain gymnastics skills as well as get stronger! 

August 10th

Two-Week Gymnastics Camps

Monday through Thursday
Ages 3-5: 9:00-9:45 a.m. (45min) | $100 per camp per child
Ages 5-12: 10:00-11:00 a.m. (1hr) | $120 per camp per child

child on parallel bars
Ages 3-5

If your child has never done gymnastics this is a great place to start. They'll learn basic gymnastics skills along with social skills like standing in line, taking turns, and following directions. In this class, preschoolers have a lot of fun while moving their bodies for 45 minutes straight!

June 20th-30th, July 11th-21st, July 25th-August 4th,  August 8th-18th

little girl jumping off balance beam
Ages 5-12

This group is great for kids who have never done gymnastics or who just started in our Level 1 program. Kids learn basic gymnastics skills and enhance their social skills. They don't need any prior knowledge of gymnastics just the desire to tumble, roll, jump and learn new skills!

June 20th-30th, July 11th-21st, July 25th-August 4th,  August 8th-18th