Competitive Gymnastics

4 - 18 Years

Skill Level(s):
Intermediate & Advanced

Soar to New Heights

Competitive gymnastics takes dedication and hard work. It takes commitment from the gymnast and their family. As a gymnast moves up into higher levels, more and more time is spent in the gym and weekends are often devoted to meets—within the state and beyond. Students selected for high-level competitive gymnastics demonstrate a physical ability for the sport, have a good attitude, and are willing to learn and take direction in a positive way.

The girls gymnastics teams and developmental classes are by invite only. If you want further information, please contact us.

Benefits of Competitive Gymnastics

  • Teaches kids to strive for goals

  • Builds a sense of self-confidence

  • Enhances social skills and communications

  • Instills the importance of time management

Our Philosophy

With competitive gymnastics, we seek to find a balance between coaches guiding and motivating gymnasts and the gymnasts guiding their own improvement through self-motivation. We mentor our gymnasts to recognize skills they need to work on and to take ownership of their training. Through this program, we help gymnasts face their fears, set goals, and embrace the life lessons they learn. It is our hope that each gymnast will be better off for having participated in our program.

Competitive teams start forming in April with the season running June through the following May. Competition begins in January. Enrollment begins in May.

Looking for Recreational Gymnastics?

Gymnastics, tumbling, and ninja warrior classes are a great way for kids to burn energy while having fun and learning a disciplined skill.