Rec Classes


Parents & Tots: This is a 45 minute class for 18-36 months old children designed to introduce gym activities and formal instructions. The parents participate through stretching, songs, and activities helping to teach child fundamental listening and learning skills along with fun gymnastics circuits.

Preschool: This is a 45 minute class for 3-5 year old children designed to be independent from their parents. This class teaches gymnastics as well as listening and social skills.

Girls/Boys 1: These classes are hour long beginner classes with elementary gymnastics skills taught on each event. A great starting point!

Girls/Boys 2: These classes are hour long advanced beginner level classes when identified elements have been mastered at level 1.

TNT (Tramp N Tumbling) 1&2: These are hour long classes that only teach tumbling skills up through back handsprings.

Ninja-nastics: We have taken our Boys 1 beginner class and combined our Ninja Warrior class to bring you Ninja-nastics! The boys will still focus on gymnastics events but we will also bring in some Ninja warrior obstacle course work as well.

Ninja Warrior Class: Fun, fast paced, age appropriate challenging courses. Strength, agility and a little bit of self discipline. Great for high energy individuals!

Middle & High School Gymnastics: This is a 2 hour class designed to enhance and further train MS&HS gymnasts to compete at the high school level.

Competitive & Developmental Girls Teams: The girls gymnastics teams and developmental classes are by invite only. If you want further information please call or ask Brett or Wendy.

Middle & High School Tumbling: These classes are one and a half hours and designed for all skill levels of tumbling.

Open Gyms: Open gyms are supervised unstructured gym time for gymnasts to work on their own. Saturdays—$7.50 per child $15 for drop off. Also 1pm-3pm on School Days Off. Call ahead.

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